04 Decision Making

  • Introduction: Watch the video. Confusion Burning Movie Trailer. http://www.thechoicegame.com/video/conburn-trailer2.html  After watching the video think about your personal situation and answer the following questions individually:
  • What are the choices I can make today that will have a positive impact on my future? Why?
  • What are the choices I can make today that could have a negative impact on my future?
  • Discuss your answers with your Club counselor.
  • Review Handout  STAR Vision Decision-Making Model for making appropriate decisions.
  • Practice your decision- making skills using the videos on http://www.thechoicegame.com/urban/choices-urbinf.html.  Watch Video 1 (TJ tries to get Regana to get drugs) and video 2 (TJ asks Regana to taste the coke with something extra). 
  • After watching each video write on your journal what you would do for each step in the STAR Vision model in order to help them handle the situation.
  •  Share your answers with your Club counselor.

Decision making game.


  1. Go to http://www.decision-making-solutions.com/decision_making_games.html
  2. Select one of the suggested games at a time and play. Keep track of your decisions in your journal.
  3. After playing the game, share and contrast your experiences with your Club advisor..
  4. Donwload and study Handout : What kind of a decision maker are you? Decision Making Styles to learn about decision-making styles and review each one of the styles.
  5. Examine your own style of decision making and discuss it with your Club Advisor.