05 Understanding Drugs and Addiction


  • Students will learn how alcohol and other depressant drugs slow down the thinking process.
  • Students will be able to measure the frequency in which youth use alcohol/drugs.
  • Students will learn about the health effects of the Marijuana.

This workshop is intended to demonstrate the connection between HIV infection and the use of Alcohol, Heroin, Cocaine, Marijuana, Ecstasy, OxyContin, and Inhalants. Students will also examine risky situations that can lead to HIV infection, including being under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

  • Introduction: view and study the video. Anti-Drug PSA Drugs Kill Dreams.

  • After watching the video ask yourself why drugs kill dreams? 


  1. Go to link http://www.abovetheinfluence.com/facts/drugfacts
  2. Study the facts and the risks of each drug.
  3. Research online the relationship between the drugs and HIV.  Note that not all drugs relate similarly to HIV and some do not relate at all. Look for a picture of the drug.
  4. Develop a brief PowerPoint presentation on all drugs.

Alcohol Usage: one of the most widely used drugs is alcohol.  Read and complete Handout Alcohol Usage

  • Once the six questions are completed, review each question with your Club Advisor.