07 Writing a Personal Vision Statement


  • Students will understand the importance of vision, mission, and goals.
  • Students will formulate personal vision, mission, and goals.
  • Students will build a better understanding of where they want to go and what things they would like to accomplish.


Leaders must have a solid vision in order to be effective. A leader must know what makes their followers stick and then use that knowledge to create a vision that will inspire. Furthermore, a leader has an obligation to not only formulate a specific vision but also to make sure that the followers have a clear understanding of that vision. Their vision should transform their followers. Visions empower followers. If followers feel that there is true potential in the vision, they will be eager to become part of it. If the vision seems unrealistic, followers are bound to feel alienated and lose all motivation to contribute to the vision.


  • Introduction: view and study the video. What if life is actually.

  • After watching the video answer what is the vision of the narrator in the video.
  • Goals are the plan of action needed to reach a vision. Goals establish the framework of your vision. When developing your goals, you should remember to keep them realistic and attainable.
  • Point out the elements that lead toward the achievement of a goal and the consequences that can be expected if such a goal is achieved.
  • Answer the following questions:
    • Why are goals important?
    • Does writing down a goal make it more likely that you will accomplish it?
    • How do goals differ from wishes and dreams?
    • What can a person do if he or she is uncertain about goals?
    • What are some pitfalls of goal accomplishment?
    • According to research in the area, youth who do not set goals or make plans for their future are at higher risk for dropping out of school.  Furthermore, goals should fulfill the mission statement”.
    • Complete the Handout Understanding Where You Are Right Now
    • After this exercise is finished, download the Handout entitled "The areas that you let operate by accident" and complete the worksheet by focusing only in one area that was mentioned in the previous exercise.
    • Review the Handout Developing a Personal Vision Statement and define what a vision is and how leaders can use it.
    • Think about your past to identify important events in your live in preparation for writing a vision statement (refer to Step 1. Handout Developing a Personal Vision Statement).
    • Determine what you want for your future (refer to Step 2. Handout Developing a Personal Vision Statement).