09 Securing your future: Study habits

Unit description:

Students should begin planning their education from middle school and beyond, hopefully with college in mind. They will discuss how to succeed academically by learning and applying study skills, time management, reading techniques, and test taking skills for and be introduced to the required testing for college admission. The course will also enable students to have an understanding about the college application process. This includes college selection, college visits, and financial aid.


Students will practice and explore how to plan their academic studies in order to have a successful academic performance. In addition, they will examine college, school or institution application process and how to pay for college.


Upon completion of the unit, students will be able to:

  • Apply skills to study better.
  • Organize their study time.
  • Manage their time properly.
  • Take –notes efficiently.


 Planning your academic education will enable you to gain academic success that will be helpful in your post secondary education life. It is important to prepare you to develop study habits that will prepare you to succeed in your studies. Research supports the idea that more studying leads to better academic success. This module was developed to help you in assessing your study habits and to provide techniques to improve your study skills .

  • Introduction: Study the video: YouTube Video: Education Today and Tomorrow.

Study Skills