12 Racism & Prejudice


  • Focus on the term “Racism”. If possible make a connection with the meaning of “race.”Then,review the concept, “Internalized Racism.” Read and discuss what this refers to: “When a group of People of Color begin to adopt the value system of their oppressor as its own and tends to put down their own culture. This happens a good deal with beauty ideals and manners of speaking. Many forms of media then popularized these images. Since white people have been the colonizers in history, the beauty ideal leans towards lighter, straighter hair and slim bodies. In speaking, African influences in speech like Ebonics are looked down upon in educational and business institutions.”

  • Answer the following questions, write your answers in your journal and share them with your Club Advisor:
    • Do you feel like you can articulate the difference between racism and prejudice? What are they?
    • How has racism affected your own life, those around you, and Latinos in general?
    • How do media and policies influence racist tendencies in individuals?
    • How do these systems perpetuate racism?
    • When we refer to Latino/Hispanic as a race how are groups marginalized? Keep in mind that within the Latino culture there are indigenous people, Mestizo, Creole, etc.
    • Is racism still alive in the U.S.A.? Racism in the U.S.A. – Is the problem of racism a political or moral issue?