02 ASPIRA Clubs Fundamentals


ASPIRA Clubs provide youth with safe opportunities for self-direction and self-determination.   As a result, youth learn to sustain their ow motivation and direction.  Youth also learn organization, meaning, and direction in their lives.  

At the end of this learning excercise you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is the role of the ASPIRA Leadership Clubs?
  • What is the ASPIRA Club Federation (ACF)? And what is their role?

The Youth Development Program (YDP) is the core program of ASPIRA. Through school-based ASPIRA Clubs, students learn the 'ASPIRA Process" of awareness, analysis, and action. The program provides leadership training, cultural enrichment activities, and community action projects that teach students how to develop their abilities to become effective leaders of their communities. Each club is represented at the ASPIRA Clubs Federation (ACF), an assembly that convenes twice every month to discuss action-oriented activities for all clubs in the state. 

Role of the ASPIRA Clubs

Throughout school-based or after-school Youth Development Clubs, students learn the ASPIRA "process of awareness, analysis and action". The purpose of the ASPIRA Club is to provide a forum for students to become aware of their culture and community while developing their leadership skills and advancing academically. Through the ASPIRA Club, students will have an opportunity to express their views and appreciate the opinions of their peers. Additionally, each club plans and implements at least one community service project that allows them to give back to their community. Each club is led by a cabinet consisting of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. In addition, the clubs plan activities through work with three on-going club committees: Cultural Education, Community Action and Public Relations. All ASPIRAClubs are represented at the ASPIRA Clubs Federation by their elected officers. In order to be considered an official ASPIRA Club, all clubs must follow the Leadership club guidelines established by ASPIRA.

ASPIRA Clubs Federation (ACF)

Role of the ACF

The ASPIRA Clubs Federation (ACF) is a student council consisting of ASPIRA Club Officers. The purpose of the ACF is to serve as a link between all ASPIRA State Leadership Clubs. The ACF normally meet twice a month, usually on Saturdays in the ASPIRA main office, to share ideas and concerns on youth-related issues and to plan and coordinate activities on a city or statewide level. Annual citywide activities which are structured, organized and implemented by students include Youth Conferences, fundraisers, community service projects, cultural activities and the ASPIRA Prom. The ACF is governed by a set of Bylaws based on parliamentary procedure.