02 Building Self-Identity


  • Introduction: View and study the YouTube video "Asian-Canadian Self-Identity"

  • After watching the video, get together with other Aspirantes and ask them to discuss if they relate to the teenagers in the video. Ask the students to find similarities and differences. Ask your fellow students to share their answers. Point out the importance of maintaining one’s culture.
  • Building self identify is important to be able to face challenges with dignity and respect for ourselves and others. This activity will help build your sense of identity in belonging to a particular cultural group.
  • Examine and anwer in your journal the following questions:
    • Do you know anyone who is from a different culture?
    • In what ways are the two cultures similar and different?
    • Do your cultural differences make it difficult to be friends?
    • How can you share your cultural differences in a positive, nonjudgmental way? 
  • Share your answers with your Club Advisor.
  • Download the Handout Identity Cube.
  • Complete the identity cube. The cube should be completed based on how you see and define yourself, not how others see you.