03 Community Involment: Your place in the community


Upon the completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  • Define and use appropriately vocabulary terms of values and beliefs.
  • Identify roles of self within the multiple communities of the learner.
  • Identify value and belief terms that influence roles of self in communities.
  • Compare and categorize values and roles in differing situations.


Students will identify elements of their own beliefs and values, establish how their personal system of values and beliefs developed and establish connections to community values and beliefs. Students' understanding of their value systems may then be applied to develop understanding the relationship to the roles they play in the larger community.

You are a part of not only the school community but also the greater community.  Many students find their passion and eventual career part by participating in civic activities in the community including community service and service learning.  Defining your role in the community can be done in a variety of ways.  How will YOU leave your mark?

Volunteer in the local community.

Volunteering helps you to become more familiar with issues and concerns in the community.  It also helps you to define how you can contribute to the community. Volunteering looks great on your resume, and will help you to get great experience. 

-Interning out in the community is another way to get involved in the community.  Through internships you are able to get “real world” experience and learn about the field that you are interested in.  Internships will help you to realize the role of your major in the community.

-Career fairs are a great way to get involved in the community and learn what the needs of the community are in your particular field.  Career fairs are a wonderful way to make connections with organizations, companies and professionals in your field.  Career Services is the place to learn about different career fairs.

-Making connections with professionals in your particular career path is a great way to learn more about your role in the community.  Through making connections with professionals, you are able to learn about your professional role in the community and what is expected of you. 

-Get informed about what is going on in the school community, local community, national community and global community.  Being knowledgeable about events, issues, and concerns is very important in helping you to become an engaged citizen.