04 Introduction to Public Policy and Community Advocacy


Throughout this unit you will examine the public policy process and develop leadership skills.  This should assist in facilitating your involvement in the public policy arena at the local, regional, and national levels. You will define public policy and study policy-making structures. In this unit you will become more acquainted with your community, and the public policy issues affecting it.  In addition, you will be provided with applications of policy development for impacting public policy. You will learn how to become engaged in a community service project that provides them with the opportunity to participate in public policy issues in your community. Through the activities included in this unit you will participate in community leadership activities by working, and interacting with public policy makers.


The goal of the Public Policy unit is to empower Latino youth by informing them about the public policy process while developing their leadership skills.  The anticipated outcome is your involvement in the policy arena at the local, regional and national levels.


Upon completion of this unit,you will be able to:
•    Define public policy
•    Explain policy-making structures.
•    Recognize different levels of policy development.
•    Participate in a community service project
•    Revise public policy issues in their community
•    Interact with public policymakers.

Public policy education is the process of empowering individuals with information, training and leadership skills to help you to become more engaged in decision making related to policy. ASPIRA believes that our youth have a right to develop, learn, and become contributing members of our democratic society. Our work with youth enables them to learn from one another and collaborate closely across boundaries race and culture, economics, and political stance, to achieve better results for our communities.  


  •  View and study the YouTube video entited: What is Public Policy?

  1. What is public policy?
  2. Who are public policy makers?
  3. How do we influence public policy? What are the levels of public policy making? What does funding have to do with public policy?