g) Force Field Analysis

  • View and study the YouTube video Resistance to change-isn’t it obvious

  • Study Handout Forced Field Analysis.
  • Forced Field Analysis is a tool based on a model for thinking about change that sees behavior in an institutional setting not as a motionless habit or pattern but as a dynamic balance of forces working in opposite directions. According to this way of looking at behavior, change takes place when an imbalance occurs between the sum of the forces against change (Restraining Forces) and the sum of the forces for change (Driving Forces).  Force-field analysis assumes that any social situation is a balance between these forces.
  • Review example given in Handout Forced Field Analysis, Force field analysis is investigative and analytical, not problem - solving.  
  • After identifying the forces working for and against change, identify priorities and set goals.  Use the problem-solving approach by converting particular forces into goals and rank the Restraining Forces by priority. For example, the weak leadership force can be converted into a goal such as to increase leadership on the issue. Share your responses with your Club Advisor.